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Poopy Time! - My Twisted Twisted Tale

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April 23rd, 2005

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11:22 pm - Poopy Time!
I guess today could be looked at in a variety of ways. It's been snowing and raining and shitty outside all day, Tony had another bad week...his car had all kinds of problems, and I need a cosigner for a student loan by june 1st.

However, I'm not that bummed. School was ok, had a nap, rented movies, made Tracy watch Three Amigos (she'd never seen it) and made Ryan watch Napoleon Dynamite. Hopefully we can still go to church in the morning. I'm still fucking ELATED that I finally have a GOOD job. It really sounds like this place is out to take care of their workers. Nights and weekends off, getting over a dollar more an hour than my ex job...looks good. I don't give a shit if they have me linking paper clips all day, I'll gladly do it.

So Ryan got his plane ticket and him and Carolyn'll be moving in in 13 days. We really need to get this place picked up and make some room for their stuff. I think it'll be ok. Our apartment is gonna be really tiny for 4 people, but it's better this way than to just go ahead and get a 2 bedroom apartment and then have it not work out with the 4 of us. So probly sometime right after the wedding we'll move. I hope to shit my credit'll be good enough for that. We'll see. I think Ryan and Carolyn are cool and they like us, so it should work out great. Then we can all hang out all the time and they don't hafta pay near as much as we've had to for rent and we won't even hafta pay as much...everyone wins.

I'm a little bummed that no good video games are coming out anytime soon. I'll probly pick up a football game this summer and hopefully Starcraft: Ghost FINALLY comes out in september. But that's about it.

I really do wanna thank God and everyone for thoughts and prayers regarding the job situation. You don't need to hear me bitch and complain and be depressed about it anymore! But really, I can't thank you people who helped me out with thoughts and prayers. You know who you are. I wish I could describe how thankful I am. You people are great friends.

So....I'm thinkin only 26 more days til Star Wars ep 3. It better be an improvement over the other two prequels. The first one sucked, and the second was fucking boring up until the end. This one looks promising though.

I'm thinkin with this job thing...if I'm gonna hafta start work everyday mon-fri at 9am...I might as well get up at 7 or 7:30 and go to the gym before work. I think it'd be a good routine to get into.

Ryan has taught me the goodness of the CKY videos. The band rawks, but didn't know the videos were so funny. That and Madden NFL 2005 is very very stank. Today marks the first time in awhile I've lost to the system on a football game...and it was because of a shitty call. Damn bastards. I'm gonna grudge match the shit out of it yet this weekend.

Welllllll...time for me to fuck off! Laterz.

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